Kilo's Photoshoot

Man do I love having talented friends. They say you are who you hang out with. I've been blessed with some amazing people in my life. One of them is my great friend Michelle. She has been doing a ton of great pet photography....and guys, she's crazy talented. She has a blog of her own where you can check out all of her work. Click here to visit her site. 

Well.... we finally got around to getting my dog Kilombo some pictures taken. 2 years back we did my other dog Loki....and his pictures came out amazing. If you'd like to see him, he's on her blog. I did want to share some of my favorite shots from the shoot with you. People share pictures of their babies nowadays so here's my baby! 

Captain America: Civil War

So, can we talk nerdgasm real quick? I mean... this movie made me so happy. I left the theatre feeling like I was high on some weird ass drug. If you know me, you know I'm a huge superhero fan. Growing up I loved X-Men, Justice League, and The Avengers. I dove into whatever comics I could get my hands on. Usually anything that was 25 cents at a garage sale that my mom was willing to buy me. This movie brought me that same joy from when I was little. I even recommend this movie to someone who hasn't seen any of the what seems like millions of marvel movies.

We have two of our main heroes; Iron Man and Captain America fighting over what they both think is right. Iron Man has been guilt ridden for a while (especially after the hot mess that was Ultron) and now thinks that they can no longer do what they please whenever they please. Cap completely disagrees and then this is where the divide comes in. Now, they promote this movie with the whole "Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man" question, but in reality... they're both right. Both sides make total sense. I won't get more into it because I don't like spoiling things...but just a few things to sell you on going to the theatre and seeing it right now.

The action. Holy hell...some of these sequences are amazing. There were moments that people cheered, clapped, gasped, and held our breathe.

The acting. Robert Downey Jr. killed it. He acted the shit out of this movie. Honestly, without RDJ being great at what he does and him being the one who started this whole thing out with Iron Man....we never would have this franchise.

The storyline. It actually flows, has great pace, the story makes sense, and the characters all have their time to shine. There are so many friggen characters in this movie that many people were worried that it would be a mess. Somehow it works. Every character has a chance to shine, grow, and have an arch. The 2 new guys (Black Panther & Spiderman) stole the show in my opinion and were definitely my favorite characters in the movie.

All in all... I give this movie a 10/10 for a superhero movie and it has risen to the top of that category as my favorite. So go get a ticket and check it out already!


Creating a Habit

Getting stuck in a routine is super easy to do. So is being a lazy bum. This past year has been so crazy working 3 jobs. I am a substitute teacher during the day, I then tutor privately in the afternoons, and my weekends are spent at my second job at a health food store. So any moment that I find time off has really been spent on my couch with a big glass of wine catching up on my endless list of tv shows. While this is one of my favorite things to do, I felt super guilty about it. I also have packed on some unwanted lbs (thanks a lot alcohol and fried delicious things). So I knew something has to be done.

That something has been weight training. (SAY WHAT?!) Yeah, I know. I go from couch potato to actually looking forward to getting to the gym at night. I'm currently on week 2 of an 8 week training program and I've been at the gym every night hanging with the gym rats. I used to make some serious excuses about being "too tired" or "too busy" to work out. My schedule hasn't changed and yet I still have been managing to get 2 hours in at the gym. Sure I'm going to bed late, but I was going to bed late anyway. At least now I'm doing something great for myself.

I know I'm only on week 2, and it has been said that it takes 30 days to create a new habit, but I'm already noticing a big difference in how I feel. I'm not pounding coffee left and right like I was and I have a ton of energy. I'm also down 3 pounds in my first week. It totally helps that I went and saw Captain America: Civil War the other night (which was amazing!) and was so motivated to be super ripped. LOL

I'm going to keep this up and hopefully see some amazing changes in myself. I'll definitely keep this updated on what changes take place.


I am one of those people that was blessed to have a passport since I was born. I remember being shocked when I met people my age that have never even gotten one before. Having parents from another country meant traveling there frequently. And we did... for years. I was used to taking an 11 hour flight down to Argentina once every other year.

As I got older, I appreciated traveling a lot more and then during my college years I was blessed to take a trip to Europe. This was such a life changing experience for me. It opened my eyes to such a rich history that we lack here in the USA. This fueled something inside of me and I've constantly daydreamed of my next adventure. The following year, I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina (I had never been to the capital) and spent a couple of days in Uruguay. And then...nothing.

Well, I've taken small trips around the states but nothing crazy. I've been left with this hole and longing to just pack up my stuff and leave. I've blamed money, being too busy, being afraid to go alone, etc. But something recently clicked that if I want to travel, now is the time to do it. At 27, I'm surrounded by people settling down, getting married, and popping out kids. I'm not there yet. I feel like there is another path for me. I recently booked a trip to Iceland with my best friend, and I couldn't be more excited. I think now is the time for me to step it up and do what I love. This blog will host pictures, stories, and documentation of my adventures. 

Now I need to get ready and start planning. See you soon.